Low Testosterone in Young Men January 4, 2016

Low-TestosteroneTestosterone is the hormone that makes a man to be a man. It is responsible for all the characteristics that are associated with masculinity. This includes growth of facial hair, deep voice, being muscular, enhanced libido among others. Your testosterone levels are at the highest levels during puberty and decrease naturally as you age. Contrary to what you may have heard low testosterone in young men is a common occurrence.

Testosterone maintains your physical stamina by ensuring that your muscles and bones are strong. This is makes men to be more muscular than women. It also promotes growth of hair on the chest, face and pubic area.

Symptoms of low testosterone include loss of hair, fatigue, reduced libido among others. However, you should not make a conclusion when you have those symptoms. The only sure way is by visiting a doctor so that they can carry a blood test that shows your testosterone levels.

Low testosterone causes infertility since it affects the quality of sperms. The sperms produced are unhealthy and cannot swim after copulation. Due to this they cannot fertilize eggs. This can be a frustrating experience for couple as they will end up childless.

Reduced libido and fatigue may affect your marriage as you may not satisfy the sexual needs of your partner. This makes you feel like you are not the man you are supposed to be. To fix this you should visit your doctor. The doctor will give you the best treatment based on your individual case. In days you will start to notice an improvement in your sexual drive. Low testosterone levels may be caused by diabetes, testicular injury, testicular cancer, hormonal imbalance, HIV/AIDS, obesity, liver and kidney disease.

Testosterone is produced by the testicles. When they are injured or have testicular cancer the cells that produce the hormone cannot function normally reducing their production rate. Hormonal imbalance causes under production of testosterone while obesity, liver and kidney diseases cause inflammations that reduce the amount of testosterone that is produced.

There are numerous supplements that increase the amount of testosterone in your body naturally. You should always remember that prevention is always better than cure. Supplements that are made from natural herbs are better since they increase testosterone without adverse side effects.

Pro Testosterone is a supplement that is made from natural herbs that have been clinically tested. This supplement stimulates production of adequate amounts of testosterone in your body. It also contains nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These nutrients strengthen your bones and also increase your lean muscle mass therefore increasing your strength and endurance. Since it contains natural ingredients Pro Testosterone works without any harmful side effects.

Treatment options for this condition include injections, patches, gels, pellets and tablets. Patches and gels are applied on the skin daily and testosterone is absorbed through the skin. Injections release testosterone into the blood stream while pellets are placed under the skin near your hip by a doctor surgically. The side effects associated with these treatment methods include enlargement of breasts and increase in red blood cell count. Always remember that only a doctor should prescribe these treatment methods.

Exercising and eating a healthy diet will prevent low testosterone in young men.

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