How to Make Your Vagina Tighter in 7 Easy Steps May 11, 2016

how to make your vagina tighterThe vagina, whether we like it or not, plays a vital part for any well-functioning heterosexual relationship. Having a loose vagina can make a woman feel insecure or reduce their confidence which could potentially affect sexual performance because ladies always want to please their man under the sheets. To keep them satisfied, you should know just how to make your vagina tighter.

The vaginal wall is composed of muscle– the more it is stretched, the greater chance it might lose its elasticity and become loose. Some common reasons for this could be the natural aging itself, multiple births, and other medical conditions that could damage muscle control in that area. If you are concerned you have this condition and need to know how to make your vagina tighter, do not lose hope. Just like any other muscle, there are many solutions to restore and maintain a tight vagina. Here are 7 of them:

  1. Have sex

Contrary to popular belief, your vagina does not loosen from having sex but rather the opposite. In fact, the more aroused you are, the more your vagina tightens as your pubococcygeus (more popularly known as the PC muscles) constricts. This can provide intense pleasure for your partner during penetration.

  1. Do your Kegels

Kegel exercises involve your pelvic floor muscles. To do this, you squeeze your levator muscles– the ones you use can control when you have the urge to pee– and hold for five seconds before slowly releasing it again for another five seconds. This should be repeated for at least ten minutes a day. Aside from tightening your vagina, this can also help you if you are experiencing urinary incontinence or to prepare for childbirth.

  1. Eat right

Although results are mixed for this one, it is still a good idea to let your body get the right amount of nutrients to help it recover from the daily stress of living. Proper nutrition could help slow down the effects of natural aging and help keep the muscles strong and the vagina wall firm.

  1. Do Yoga

Traditional mula bandha is the technique to improve vagina muscle strength. Beyond the physical aspect, this technique teaches you to control life energy force from the root chakra near your tailbone and direct it upward towards enlightenment. In the physical level, the pelvic floor muscles are contracted including the anus to give them stability.


  1. Use medicinal plants

For many centuries, plants have been used for their many healing properties. Among these are astringent properties in some plants that can tighten the pelvic floor muscles or increase elasticity. The most commonly used herbs include gooseberries, oak gall, and Pueraria mirifica. To use, simply boil and apply to the opening of the vulva regularly. These plants also have rejuvenating effects to aid against the aging process.

  1. Use a Vagina Tightening Cream

Many natural tightening creams are already available in the market. A popular one is V-Tight gel. Using creams can restore the elasticity and suppleness of the vaginal wall to make it feel tight again. It’s also a good idea to combine any product with vaginal exercise programs.

  1. Get a Vaginoplasty

When all else fails, you can opt for surgery. Vaginoplasty is a reconstructive procedure where the entry point to the vagina and the canal are repaired and tightened.

If you are looking how to make your vagina tighter, try the natural methods above or don’t be afraid to see a doctor if you are considering surgery.

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